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Meet Tianah

Meet Tianah, the founder and designer of CHRISTIANAHJONES
So I actually go by the name of Tianah. Christianah is my government name and Jones is my mother’s maiden name. My mother is my hero, periodt.
Let’s start from the beginning. 2 years after I was born - in London Borough of Islington, 1996, I was diagnosed as having high frequency severe sensory neural hearing loss at the Royal National Throat and Ear Hospital. Some of you may have known already or perhaps noticed by now that i am indeed hearing impaired / deaf.
I used to wear red, yellow or blue hearing aids with pink ear moulds and still throw them out, lose them or throw it in the bin - I know. Now I wear brown hearing aids and clear ear moulds everyday.
I grew up in Caledonian road, kings cross - not far from where I am now. I spent most of my childhood travelling and spending time alone or with my friends. I looked up to my sister to a large amount and really wanted to be like her, everything I had an interest in was HER own; the appalling fashion sense, the terrible hairstyles and the attitude. However, I was an undoubtedly quiet kid who loved the Bratz, Nickelodeon and Disney. I became independent quite quickly and literally developed my own ‘moodboard’.

Growing up, I bounced around schools looking for appropriate support for my broken ears and ended up being educated in Nigeria before going to Boarding School in Reading before university. I studied psychology and started selling on Depop straight away - 2011.
I spent more time travelling during my degree than sitting in my lectures. I visited Cambodia, Thailand, China, Japan, Korea, Bali and Malaysia discovering culture, food, lifestyle and myself. I developed my love for thrifting antique eyewear. I later threw a big party with Depop in 2016 selling out all of my vintage collection and instantly regretted it. while working full time as an analyst, I decided to design my own collection inspired by my youth. I started so so small and made my first debut at Afropunk London, 2017 and it was a hit with the collection. I worked on it more and Kaia Gerber loved it and it grew to Bella Hadid and Beyonce being fans. Before we knew it, we were stocked in Open Ceremony and people started to notice my work. I released more colours and produced reflective lenses for the sunnier days.
I then joined my Depop family working to run their social media. In my spare time I work on growing the CHRISTIANAHJONES brand where my ambition is to make it a global and successful fashion label. The last two years have been great work although hard but very fun. I’m s0 excited to show you what i’ve been working on.
Message me, let’s chat.
Be your own moodboard
Mackintosh Lane, Hackney, London E9 6AB
CHRISTIANAHJONES LTD trading as christianahjones. Registered in England and Wales. Company no. 11251737 Registered office: Mackintosh Lane, London. E9 6AB